Cast Away

Sometimes in Second Life, just like in ‘real’ life, you stumble across something that absolutely takes your breath away – that’s what happened to me the first time I saw someone wearing a Dollcoco avatar. I’ve loved the doll look for a long time and have tried lots of different jointed skins  – some better than others – but nothing compared to this: I did the SL equivalent of staring open-mouthed (zooming in with my camera) and complimented the wearer on her skin; she was kind enough to tell me it was actually a mesh avatar and gave me the landmark.

Having spent over L$1500 on a doll skin before, I was expecting this avatar to be way out of my current budget, so I was quite shocked to discover that the bodies (available in 2 colours: snow and cacao) were a free group gift and the heads (10 available: 9 snow, 1 cacao) were only L$450 each. Considering what you can pay for an avatar, skin or even a good pair of shoes I’m pretty sure that’s a bargain to anyone. Other current group gifts are Elf Ears and a Joker Card Dress.

The two bodies each come with a choice of smooth, covered (bra/shorts) and anatomically correct upper and lower sections; they also include a ‘cap’ so you can wear them like a headless dress mannequin, looking very finished even without a head – I’ll be doing pics like that soon as the idea appeals to me. The variety of exquisitely painted heads is very good and you can adapt ‘normal’ hair to wear with them like you would for your usual avatar. There’s a growing range of clothing/accessories available priced between L$250-750 but at the moment I have no desire to cover her up – the detail is too good!

I headed to Chouchou last night to have a quick play around with different graphic and environmental settings (my first photos with shadows: yay!). I’ve been messing about with pixlr-o-matic again and trying out picmonkey (the first picture is edited using that and I’m impressed so far). I’ve used GIMP for years, mostly for RL photos, but sometimes it’s nice to try packages for inspiration and, to be honest, getting nice effects in a few clicks is pretty awesome. I didn’t want to fill this post with too many similar photos but check out my Flickr set if you’d like to see more shots.

Doll Body: ‘Snow‘ (rigged mesh) – DollcocoL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Doll Head: ‘Lena‘ (rigged mesh) – DollcocoL$450 – Not Free

Pics taken at Chouchou
BrokenDoll03‘ pose by Fruct0se (L$40)


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I can usually be found mooching about Second Life trying to improve my virtual photography & building skills.

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