Epically Sketchy

This is a little bit of a lazy post, as I’ve blogged some of these items before, but I wanted to quickly show you the new VIP group gifts from Epic. The VIP group costs L$250 to join but I think it’s awesome value for money as each month you get a gift, cheapie and group-exclusive lucky board; the item are themed and always look great!

They also keep out four past ‘VIP Group Favourites’ (in case you miss them) which are, currently, last month’s ‘Gamer Girl‘ (mesh) dresses in original and pink, a ‘Rainbow Hoodie‘ (mesh) and ‘Rainbow Warmers.’

Dress: ‘Kawaii Sketchy Dress‘ (mesh) – EpicL$5 – VIP Group Exclusive [L$250 to Join]
Necklace: ‘Eccentric Pencil Necklace‘ – Apple May Designs – L$0 – Freebie
Boots: ‘Dolly Kickers (Rainbow)‘ – Pinkmare’s HouseL$0 – Previous Lucky Board
(available to buy for L$75)

Hoodie: ‘Kawaii Sketchy Hoodie‘ (mesh) – EpicL$0 – VIP Group Gift [L$250 to Join]
Jeans: ‘Cute Jeans‘ – Crash RepublicL$0 – Grand Opening Gift
(still out at time of post – next to gatchas)
Shoes: ‘Cat Flats (Red)‘ – MDLL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]

On Both
Hair: ‘Daisy‘ (colour change, mesh) – PloomL$0 – Hunt Prize
(Mesh Around Hunt, ends June 15th)
Mouthie: ‘Sketchy Nom-Nom‘ – EpicL$0 – VIP Group LB (2mins) [L$250 to Join]
Skin: ‘HoRanG‘ – Mother Goose’sL$0 – Lucky Board (3mins)
Tattoo: ‘PetaPeta‘ – NaturalL$0 – Previous Group Gift* [Free to Join]
(*now limited to avatars under 30 days old)
Eyes: ‘Glass Eyes (Charcoal, M)‘ – Roly-PolyL$0 – Free Colour
Lashes: ‘Corner Only Eyelashes‘ – Rosy MoodL$0 – Freebie
Nails: ‘LaLa Black‘ – FormanailsL$0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
(available to buy for L$349)
Shape: ‘Jelly‘ (modded) – Cupcakes (@FabFree) – L$0 – Freebie

Pics taken at Ethereal Nature Collaborative – Greenies!
(I miss the original Greenies home and I’m glad at least something from it remains.. all of the builds are free to buy so you can take a piece of them home if you like!)
Poses ‘fwee5‘ and ‘daww‘ by E.inK (Marketplace, L$0)


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I can usually be found mooching about Second Life trying to improve my virtual photography & building skills.

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