Schrödinger’s Cat

It’s always kinda special when designers brainstorm their ideas with their customers and Katey at Glitterati is really amazing at doing just that. In her VIP Group chat [L$500 to join and worth every penny – we get tons of gifts!] I’d mentioned how I loved her cubed prop and would quite like a ‘standy-up’ one.. she replied that she’d been thinking of doing a full-size version and THE VERY NEXT DAY one arrived in-store: ‘Boxy‘.

And it’s amazing so expect lots more posts of me in a box looking cute.. ❤

Hair: ‘Rada (Bronze)‘ – Battle Angel (Marketplace) – L$0 – Freebie
Skin: ‘Skin of the Sunday06‘ – My Ugly DorothyL$150
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Dress: ‘Check Dress (Navy)‘ – HummingL$30
Nails: ‘Blue‘ – Mother Goose’sL$0 – Freebie
Socks: ‘Scrunch Socks (Navy Stripe)‘ – Doppelganger Inc.L$50 – Closing Sale
(Store closes on July 15th – all items L$50 or less)
Shoes: ‘Mary Janes (Cream)‘ – Duh! (@Womenstuff) – L$0 – Womenstuff Group Gift [Free to Join]
(other colours in Duh! store, L$25 each)
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]

Prop and poses: ‘Boxy‘ by Glitterati (L$350) – New!


About Chiana0
I can usually be found mooching about Second Life trying to improve my virtual photography & building skills.

3 Responses to Schrödinger’s Cat

  1. So super cute!! I love the dress, shoes and socks and the box is so awesome 😀 Great idea!

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