English Muffin are incredibly generous with their group gifts (L$25 to join) and have just released another 8 skins for their group members. I’m loving the glitter lips on this one so I thought I’d put together a suitably punk outfit!

Hair: ‘Hair No.20‘ – (red)MintL$0 – Lucky Board (5mins)
Skin: ‘Group Gift 9‘ – English MuffinL$0 – Group Gift [L$25 to Join]
Eyes: ‘Deep Eyes (Berry)‘ (mesh) – By SnowL$0 – Past Subscriber Group Gift
Neck Tattoo: ‘Wicked‘ – Wicked TattoosL$0 – Freebie
Top: ‘Lola‘ – TentacioL$0 – Freebie
Nails/Gloves: ‘LaLa Pink‘ – FormanailsL$0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
(available to buy for L$349 or check out the ever-changing Lucky Boards)
Belly Piercing: ‘Rockstar Belly Ring‘ – Sn@tchL$0 – Lucky Board
Skirt: ‘Super Short Mini Skirt (Black)‘ – Sn@tchL$0 – Lucky Dip Prize
(Part of the ‘Kick & Fling‘ outfit, also available to buy for L$50 in the Bargain Pit)
Belt: ‘Studded Leather Belt‘ – Autumn Flowers (Marketplace) – L$0 – Freebie
Leggings: ‘Zebra Leggings (Black)‘ – SheerL$0 – Freebie
Shoes: ‘Gladiator Sandals (Black)‘ – GabrielL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Shape: ‘Be My Baby (Shape B)‘ – Panda PunxL$0 – Group Midnight Mania [Free to Join]
(Midnight Mania Boards change daily)

Gagalicious 18‘ pose by Fly Lily (past Perfect Wardrobe, L$65, set of 5)


About Chiana0
I can usually be found mooching about Second Life trying to improve my virtual photography & building skills.

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