I Dream of Jeannie – Becoming Petite

I’ve been wanting one of the super-cute petite mesh avatars for some time and finally decided to splash out a few days ago! I visited the Petite Avatar Kingdom and grabbed all of the demos on offer to find out which one suited me best. It was a really tough decision but I finally settled on the ‘Renatus’ petitie by ESUGA – I loved the fact that it wasn’t overtly elfin or fairie as I wanted a wider range of looks. In the end it was the face that sold it to me – she just looked so pretty! This av comes with ‘bust’ and ‘no bust’ options, a ‘no-knee down’ version, three types of hands, a pair of green eyes and the Petite Body HUD that changes skin brightness/glow, hides selected body parts and gives three basic facial expressions. The avatar also works with the Yabusaka skin-tinting HUD which was not included but is available in other demos.

Next I set out to find some clothes – there are plenty to choose from but I headed straight to SeVered GarDeN, as I knew from this wonderful blog post that they did some awesome petite wear, and fell in love with this genie-like outfit – I love Djinn and it also suited my idea of not being fairy-like straight away (you’ll have to wait for my next post for that!). Then, I checked my inventory for petite items I had already picked up and found this gorgeous hair by A&A that had been part of their freebie package for Hair Fair 2012. This particular hair doesn’t seem to be currently available but they do have a fab range of hair for petites in-store.

Finally, I really, really, wanted a genie bottle to sit inside and so I scoured the Marketplace – I eventually found exactly what I was looking for here and it even had the added bonus of being only one prim – perfect for my nearly-full land. I tried out and bought the full-size bottle in-world then had a go at scaling it down – the bottle is modifiable so I was able to shrink it to the right size no problem but then the animation put me below ground rather than inside. I contacted the creator, Gaby Puddlegum, to find out if she would be willing to alter the build to fit petites and she loved the idea! I can’t say enough how grateful I am to her for her hard work in doing so and just how lovely she was to meet! The finished product was absolutely perfect, as you can see above! Thank you so much, Gaby – you are wonderful and I would recommend you and your work to anyone! ❤ ❤

P.S – I tried to find the genie pose that I remember from the tv series ‘I Dream of Genie’ where she puts one arm on top of the other and nods to grant a wish; I couldn’t find anything close so I had a go at making my own. I’m truly terrible at making poses as they always glitch – this was as near as I could get XD!

Petite Mesh Avatar: ‘Renatus Petite (Tone 1.5)‘ – ESUGAL$1,500
Hair: ‘Sugar Petite (Fire)‘ – A&AL$0 – Hair Fair 2012 Freebie (no longer available)
Outfit: ‘Harsha (Green)‘ – SeVered GarDeNL$250
Genie Bottle: ‘Genie in the Bottle‘ – DeviceL$125
(modded by the wonderful designer, Gaby Puddlegum <3)

Genie‘ pose by Chiana Oh (not for sale cos it’s borked!)
Location: amato


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I can usually be found mooching about Second Life trying to improve my virtual photography & building skills.

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