Blast From My Past #1: Battle Royale

I’ve just clocked over 3,000 views since I started this blog back in late April and to celebrate I thought I’d try something a little different. Every now and then I’m going to throw in a post showing a favourite outfit of mine from way back when – many of these will be fantasy/hybrid costumes as that used to be my dress-up of choice! I imagine some items will no longer be available but I will do my best to track down what I can.

I was a neko for a long time and enjoyed putting a neko twist on things: this first outfit was inspired by one of my favourite films – Battle Royale.

I hope you enjoy these blasts from my past!

Hair: ‘Nyoko (Black)‘ – WWI – No longer available
Neko Ears: ‘Hybrid Elite‘ – Hybrid – No longer available/store closed
Skin: ‘FOX – Angelee 3.0 (Natural Tone)‘ – EDDESIGN – No longer available
Eyes: ‘Animal Eyes 018‘ – Primitive DesignL$79
Collar: ‘Battle Royale Collar‘ – Sick PuppyL$100
Shirt Collar & Tie: ‘Chained Skull Electro-cute Tie w/Oxford Collar‘ – SchadenfreudeL$80
Jacket, Shirt & Skirt: ‘Descending Angel‘ – AVidL$820
Tail: ‘Skinny Spike Tail V2‘ (colour change) – Psychotic NekoL$99
Bloody Hands: ‘Hand Scratches‘ – Blood & ScarsL$100
Nails: ‘Clear Glitter (French Fresh)‘ – Candy NailL$90
Knife: ‘Butcher Knife‘ – Brutal WeaponsL$500 – Combat System Compatible
Toy: ‘Little Plush Bunny‘ – Romeys Creations (Marketplace) – L$25
Bloody Knees: ‘Injured Knees‘ – Blood & ScarsL$80
Band-Aid: ‘Bandaids (Hearts)‘ – ReekL$99 (pack of 5)
Legwarmers & Shoes: ‘Vintage Sneakers (Electric Street)‘ (colour-change) – BlitzedL$325
Shape: my own (not for sale)

Vendors 5‘ pose by Glitterati
Texture from the interwebs


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I can usually be found mooching about Second Life trying to improve my virtual photography & building skills.

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