New COCO BJD Avatar!


I’ve been waiting excitedly for this new release from COCO as I’m already a big fan of their doll avatars (I use them a lot in my Second Life art) – when I saw the word that their new Ball Jointed Doll Avatar was available yesterday I rushed over and bought one as soon as I could (a real ‘shut up and take my money moment!) I will always love my original DOLLCOCO avatar but this new one has the same bone positions as a regular SL avatar, which (I think) makes it move more fluidly with existing poses and animations. I also tried on some of my ‘normal’ mesh clothing and found it to fit much better. I confess I don’t really understand the science – all I know is she looks and moves GREAT!

What you get:
Head – comes with Green and Grey eyes in small and large, human and elf ears, in addition to blink, closed eyes, open eyes and open mouth versions.
Body – has two sets of hands and bandage (modesty) or not versions and comprises of 6 parts.
Dress – sheer and normal versions included.
Insect Wings – flapping and static versions included.

As always, these new avatars are, in my humble opinion, fantastic value for money. Oh, and the original DOLLCOCO dolls and accessories are now half-off for the foreseeable future!

Hair: ‘Linda (Dark Brown)‘ – Amacci (@Old Europe Village) – L$0 – Umbrella Hunt Prize
Head: ‘Doll_Head_001C‘ (mesh) – COCOL$450NEW!
Body: ‘Doll_Body‘ (mesh) – COCOL$450NEW!
Dress: ‘Doll_SlipDress_White‘ (mesh) – COCOL$300NEW!
Wings: ‘Doll_InsectWings(Flapping)‘ (mesh) – COCOL$150NEW!

Secret Ambition #1‘ pose by Baffle! (no longer available, store closed)
Overlaid texture by InSight Designs (free)


About Chiana0
I can usually be found mooching about Second Life trying to improve my virtual photography & building skills.

One Response to New COCO BJD Avatar!

  1. Amisha March says:

    Great picture – the doll avatars are fab!

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