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I’ve been in and out of Second Life since 2008 and one of the things that has impressed me about it the most is the ability it gives people to share their creativity.. their passions.

In the years I have been there, let alone the years before, Second Life has changed dramatically – new technology being harnessed to breathe new life into people’s creations and I wander round in awe of their talents, and their generosity. For many of these people give a huge portion of their work for very little – from the beautiful sims we enjoy to the clothes and accessories we use to express ourselves.

I wanted to showcase the beauty of Second Life and to indulge my obsession with playing dress-up. So, I created a new avatar (with an uncomplicated inventory!) and set her off to explore this amazing world with fresh eyes. As the blog title suggests, I will be featuring items with price tags both cheerfully cheap and deliciously decadent because, while it’s a lot of fun to freebie hunt and I don’t have a big wallet, there are some things that I just have to have and good art is totally worth contributing to.

There are a lot of SL fashion blogs out there, and I’m not saying mine is anything special – it’s just another perspective – I love seeing how different people pull things together in their own style and I hope a few people will get the same enjoyment from seeing how I do it and maybe find a few new things to love along the way.

Enjoy your Second Life!

Chiana Oh (Chiana0 Resident)

p.s. yes, the typo in the blog title is intentional – I have a huge weakness for items on a birdie theme >.<


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