My Usual Shape

Previously in Second Life I have created my own shapes, or at least drastically modified one of the start-up shapes, but fairly early on (about June 2012, roughly 2 months into blogging) I discovered Panda Punx‘s ‘Keri‘ which was (and still is, at the time of writing this) a group gift. She fitted the idea I had in my head of how I wanted my avatar to look so well that, apart from a few times when other shapes have better suited a certain look, I have stuck with her ever since.

I have tweaked the body-shape slightly (height and boobs, mostly) but I fell in love with the face Lluna Nitely made for Keri so much that I leave that untouched unless a particular skin or look requires me to change it. Also, I do modify my shape to fit mesh as I find that the changes needed are often slight – my proportions generally mean I fit into a Standard Sizing ‘Medium’ pretty well – and I would rather look ‘right’ in my clothes than be rigid about not changing. Then again, with fitted mesh on its way, this will hopefully be an old issue fairly soon anyway.

If I have made any major modifications to this shape or, indeed, am wearing another for any reason, I will try to make that clear in the blog credits, but I thought you might like a bit more detail about my everyday look.. and, even if you’re not wanting a Keri of your own, please do take the time to check out Lluna’s in-world store  – it is well worth a visit and she is always more than generous with her (free to join) group gifts. You can also find Panda Punx on the Marketplace or follow the store blog here.

Finally, Lluna, if you ever read this, thank you so much for your beautiful work!

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