Working Nine to Phive

Working Nine to Phive
These Phunky Monkeys designed by MadPea are here to take you away from the boring rat race and bring you a whole barrel load of fun!

Most can be attached to your avatar and are delightfully animated to walk alongside you, look around or do other adorable things. ‘Charlie Chimplan‘ also has a lot to say for himself.. and is freakin’ hysterical!

They can be found at the fabulous Cirque de Seraphim – a fundraising event for the ASPCA jam packed with the cutest circus-themed items evah! A portion from all exclusives made for the event benefits the chosen charity (voted for by Seraphim readers) and you can also donate directly via booths scattered around the two sims. Seraphim are keeping track of the money raised here.

MadPea is sponsoring the event and have also created 3 exclusive items of which 50% of all sales go to benefit the ASPCA – see those items (and the full range of monkeys!) over on the MadPea blog. Also, you can read more about the event, and see the full line-up, over on Seraphim.

Cirque de Serphim is open until November 26th so be sure to make the most of this last week and grab yourself some circus-y goodness!

kooky kompanion

LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE! Kooky Kompanion at MadPea’s booth (Cirque de Seraphim)


Phunky Monkeys*:
(large) gacha vendor model (not currently for sale)
(on chair) ‘Kooky Kompanion‘ – backstory
(on desk) ‘Charlie Chimplan‘ – backstory
(between cubicles) ‘Betty Baker‘ – backstory
(on cubicle) ‘Lil Phunky‘ – backstory
(floor – left) ‘Soaper Special
(floor – right) ‘Spinning Simian
all (apart from the vendor) can be purchased at Cirque de Seraphim until November 26th; L$100 per play

Room: ‘Mrs Bumpkin’s Classroom‘ – Sari-Sari – past freebie, not currently available..
..I re-textured the originally lovely wooden floor to make it more office-like.
Desks: ‘Cubicle‘ – CatboyL$75
Chairs: ‘Office Chair‘ – CatboyL$75
Computers: ‘Office Equipment‘ – CatboyL$10 – also includes table and paper shredder
Picture: ‘Conform.’ – just something I threw together
Graffiti Cans: ‘Tagger‘ pose prop from Motionless (store closed)

[*review copies received with thanks!]


LOTD ~ 08-19-14: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

081914LOTDI’ve had this incredibly cute hair from Pink Hustler sat in my inventory since I saw it in another blog (I wish I could remember which one so I could credit appropriately but I’m afraid it was months ago!) I was reminded of it as soon as I saw this adorable dress from BOOM at the Olive You fundraiser and couldn’t wait to put the two together. Olive You is full of brand new items from some amazing designers who are all giving 100% of the proceeds to help the owner of Olive raise some money towards court costs as her family fight to save their home, and it’s open until the end of the month.

A couple of other things I want to note – these beautiful eyes are from Langly and are only L$1 for a pack of 3 on the Marketplace, and the eye makeup by Angelica can currently only be found at The Gallery Gift Shop‘s Anniversary event which ends soon. Oh, yes, and the fish in the hair are animated (squee!)

Thank you for reading! ❤


Clothing & Accessories
Dress: ‘Maliit Dress (Swim)‘ – BOOM (@Olive You) – L$150 – 100% of proceeds donated
Shoes: ‘Halcyon Sandals (Orange)‘ – BOOML$275..
(..for Medium Slink AvEnhance Feet only)

Hair: ‘70527 (Light Blond)‘ – Pink HustlerL$150 – 2-colour pack
Hairbase: ‘Hairbase Tattoo 2 (Pearl Platinum)‘ – AmacciL$0 – Fatpack, Free
Skin: ‘Sora (Vanilla) Sugoi‘ – Pink FuelL$300..
(..Slink appliers sold separately, L$100 each)
Freckles: ‘Freckle Face (Sunned)‘ – GlamorizeL$5 – 4 versions included
Eyes: ‘Eyes Pack #4 (Blue)‘ – LanglyL$1 – 3-color pack, Dollarbie
Eye Makeup: ‘Dot Love Eyeshadow (High)‘ – Angelica (@TGGS) – L$190 – 4-colour pack
Lip Gloss: ‘Your Lip Gloss #2 (Orange)‘ – AngelicaL$150 – 3-colour pack
Hands: ‘AvEnhance Hands (Mouse)‘ – SlinkL$450 (wearing included basic nailpolish)
Feet: ‘AvEnhance Feet Female (Medium)‘ – SlinkL$675 (wearing included basic nailpolish)

HentekoPose11 (Peace Ver)_5‘ – NaturalL$10 – 5-pose pack

Love Ulaa

My item for ❤ Ulaa – please help Ulaa see her mom!

by Chiana Oh


New canvas for the Love Ulaa fundraiser – inspired by the bond between parent and child.

Ulaa’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer and has been unable to see her daughter for 14 years, nor meet her grandson, due to distance, health and financial issues. Ulaa has been raising money for an urgent trip home on gofundme and now it’s time for the Second Life community to come together to show some love.

Love Ulaa has been organised by the fab Tracy Rubble, giving designers a chance to offer you some of their items with 50% or 100% of proceeds being donated directly to this worthy cause.

You can read more about the event on Tracy’s blog here or visit the gofundme page here.

The event runs from August 14th – 18th – with a party being organized at Rouge for the 16th
Please stop by if you can!

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Eva‘ is a fresh and lovely release from Kanou and is available in 6 yummy colours. Also new is this awesome hair by Tameless available in 3 colour packs – beautiful! ❤

Hair: ‘Viola (Naturals)‘ – TamelessL$249 (16 colours) – NEW!*
Skin: ‘Amber‘ – S H O C KL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
(or dollarbie on Marketplace)
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light Eyes (Desert Dawn Shadow)‘ – MayflyL$0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
Dress: ‘Eva (Red/Blue)‘ (mesh) – KanouL$150NEW!*
Shoes: ‘Ariane (Prussian)‘ – IngenueL$70 – Gatcha
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift [Free to Join]

tram: 1‘ pose by tram (Group Gift [Free to Join])
Location: Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest

(*Review copies gratefully received! <3)


BoHo HoBo

227_001(Click pic to enlarge)

I found BoHo HoBo thanks to the Peace on Earth Hunt, and I’m so glad I did! Not only is it filled with the most wonderful designs but all proceeds go to RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) to fund hospitals, schools, orphanages and literacy programs both within Afghanistan and refugee camps in Pakstan – even more reason to shop there, wouldn’t you agree?!

I also want to say how glad I am to see Curio back on the grid and to celebrate they have released a HUGE group gift – check past notices for a bumper pack of skins.

Hair: ‘Cookie (Lemon)‘ (mesh) – Wasabi PillsL$250 – Blondes Pack
Hair Extension: ‘Feather Hair Extensions‘ – BoHo HoBoL$0 – Subscriber Join Gift
Skin: ‘Sundust Frex [Dark] Party Girl – Bubbly 1‘ – CurioL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join, Check Past Notices]
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light Eyes (Desert Dawn Shadow)‘ – MayflyL$0 – Past Group Gift
Necklace: ‘Dragonfly Choker‘ – Zombie SuicideL$0 – Past Lucky Board
Dress: ‘Tailored Tube Dress (Durga)‘ (mesh) – BoHo HoBoL$200
Bag: ‘Afghanistani Shoulder Bag 1‘ – BoHo HoBoL$170
Bracelets: ‘Friendship Bracelets‘ – BoHo HoBoL$0 – Freebie
Boots: ‘Meena Buzkashi Boots (Red Embroidered)‘ – BoHo HoBoL$110
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Model 116_4‘ pose by Focus Poses*
(*Review copy gratefully received! <3)
Location: BoHo HoBo

Happy Holidays!

225_001Happy Holidays from Cheep & ChiChi.. may they be filled with peace and love!

❤ you all


Hair: ‘Amandine (Black Coffee)‘ (mesh) – Wasabi PillsL$250 (4-colour ‘browns’ pack)
Skin: ‘Okonomiyaki (Christmas Special 2)‘ – English Muffin L$0 – Group Gift [L$100 to Join]
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Top: ‘Peace on Earth Cardigan‘ (mesh) – BoHo HoBoL$0 – Hunt Prize*
(*Peace on Earth Hunt, ends January 6th 2013)
Pants: ‘Skinny Jeans (Patched)‘ (mesh) – BoHo HoBoL$180*
(*All proceeds from BoHo HoBo go to RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) to fund hospitals, schools, orphanages and literacy programs both within Afghanistan and refugee camps in Pakstan.)
Shoes: ‘Ariane (Prussian)‘ – IngenueL$75 – Gatcha
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Snow Angel‘ prop and pose by HopScotch (Advent Calendar 21, L$1)

Jumpin’ Puddles

220_001Nothing beats the bad-weather-blues like dressing up all colourful and having some fun!

Hat: ‘Meow Hat‘ (colour/texture change) – NaturalL$50
Hair: ‘Sway My Way‘ – Exile (@Together for Sway) – L$200 – Naturals Mix Pack (Donation Item)
Skin: ‘Dorayaki 1 (Snow)‘ – English MuffinL$1,500NEW!*
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Scarf: ‘Layered Scarf (Teal)‘ – Viva la Glam (@Marketplace) – L$10 – 20-scarves pack
Top 1: ‘Sheer Tank (Teal)‘ – Shabby CatL$99*
Top 2: ‘Long Vest (Quilt)‘ (mesh) – Wunderland (@FROST) – L$99*
Arm-warmers: ‘Knit ArmWarmer)‘ (colour/texture change) – NaturalL$50
Tights: ‘Minime Tights (Hearts/Pink)‘ – Dark Midday DesignsL$85 – 8 colour-pack + bonus flats
Boots: ‘Christmas Rain Boots‘ – Tentacio (@Perfect Wardrobe) – L$90 – 2-design pack*
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

(*Review copies gratefully received! <3)

Come the Rain‘ prop and pose by WetCat (@Together for Sway, L$100, Donation Item)
Location: by Chiana Oh, Seasonal Shop