Happy Birthday to The Gallery Gift Shop!

Yay! It’s time to celebrate The Gallery Gift Shop’s anniversary event which includes lots of shiny things to buy and hunt for – including some artwork by yours truly! ❤

by Chiana Oh

TGGS Anniversary LogoIt’s open and looking FAB!

TGGS Entrance

(located on the Saikin and booN sim)

I’ve shown you my contribution already (tho I am adding it again at the bottom of this post, just cos 😀 ) but there is so very much more to see at The Gallery Gift Shop – including a beautiful new build and an awesome free store hunt! The celebrations will continue for 6 weeks with Part II kicking off on August 5th – so check back often to see what’s new! I’ll be covering some of the items over on my fashion blog soon and you can also check out the Seraphim gallery post here.

TGGS 3rd Anniversary

For our hunt items we were given frames to include a self-portrait.. this is mine! For our hunt items we were given frames to include a self-portrait… this is mine – happy hunting!

TGGS 3rd Anni Ad - by Chiana Oh

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LOTD ~ 06-19-14: Ricielli World Cup Hunt

061914LOTDI mentioned in my last post that I was considering trying to fit more in during the week and this is my road test of that idea. I love spending time writing more detailed blog entries but they take so long to do that I can realistically only manage about one a week. I took a little look back at how frequently I used to post and it made me feel somewhat nostalgic – also, sometimes I just don’t have that much to say other than ‘ohmahgawdilovethischeckitout’ and I figure that would get ridiculously boring to read over and over again!

So, I’ve decided to reintroduce some more standard, look of the day, posts that consist of a simple studio shot, a few words with any crucial information needed, and the usual list of credits (minus a few things like photo studio type stuff and windlights used). I may be playing with how I present these for a while until I settle on a look I’m happy with so please bear with me!

I’m excited with the idea of hopefully being able to blog a little more often and perhaps keep up to date with a few time-sensitive events and offers. For example, this look was inspired by a store hunt being held by  for the World Cup – there are 20 fabulous mesh items to be found inside footballs (I’m British, I refuse to call it ‘soccer’ 😛 ) dotted around the store (they’re pretty big so you don’t have to hunt too hard!) and each costs just L$15. I’m not too sure when this hunt ends but can see more details on their Facebook page here and find the SLURL in the credits.

I hope you’ll enjoy these LOTD posts – obviously they’ll contain less yabbering from now on! 😀

Loves ya! ❤


Jacket: ‘Leather Vest (Turquoise)‘ – RicielliL$15 – World Cup Hunt Prize
Pants: ‘Nell Skinny Pants (BabyPink)‘ – Ricielli L$15 – World Cup Hunt Prize
Shoes: ‘Kenzie Studded Stiletto (Beige)‘ – RicielliL$15 – World Cup Hunt Prize
[*for High Slink AvEnhance Feet only.]

Adorable Doggie
Doge – French Bulldog (Cream)‘ – Birdy/Alchemy (@The Chapter Four) – L$100 per play – Gacha

Hair: ‘Dakota (Strawberry)‘ – LaViereL$250 – 4-colour pack
Skin: ‘Alena Azure (Vanilla)‘ – Pink Fuel (@Free*Style) – L$50*
[*Slink appliers sold separately at Pink Fuel’s Mainstore, L$100 each.]
Eyes: ‘Luminous Mesh Eyes (London Fog, w2)‘ – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Lashes: ‘C01 Natural Eyelashes‘ – FTLL$280 – Fatpack
Lipgloss: ‘Your Lipgloss #4 (Sentimental)‘ – AngelicaL$0 – 9-color pack, opening gift
Hands: ‘AvEnhance Hands (Mouse)‘ – SlinkL$450 (wearing included basic nails)
Feet: ‘AvEnhance Feet Female (High)‘ – SlinkL$675
Shape: usual

Nightcall (But You’re Still the Same)‘ – PurrsnickittyL$50 – 4-pose pack

MadPea: The Lost Mine

The Lost Mine 1 (Mad City)

Mad City

In case you’re unfamiliar with the name, MadPea provides some of the most engaging and innovative events and hunts I’ve ever seen in Second Life. I’ve recently been lucky enough to join their blogger group and I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of my love for all things Pea!

Their current hunt is The Lost Mine and it’s a total delight to experience. As is usual for a MadPea production, this hunt is more of a game than the traditional pixel-searching most often associated with Second Life hunts; yes, you do need to look for certain objects but there are puzzles to solve and places to explore too. I found it to be challenging enough to be interesting without being so frustrating I was tearing my hair out.

To begin you need to purchase the HUD available in Mad City. This costs L$150 and includes a bag you need to wear in order to collect your items. This is the only purchase necessary to take part in the hunt and collect your prizes, of which there are more than 20 – you can read more about these later in this post.

There are three main stages to the hunt: the first takes place in Mad City, the second in the Dwarfins sim and the third in The Lost Mine itself. The hunt HUD guides you easily through each stage but you can also find a detailed guide and introduction on the MadPea website here.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers for the hunt because one of the pleasures for me in taking part in MadPea events are the surprises you encounter along the way. But, if you do get stuck, the MadPea group is a fun, friendly and free-to-join group that is full of people happy to help a lost adventurer.

Mine Entrance

Mine Entrance

Another thing that stands out for me with this hunt is the quality of the builds – everything looks amazing which is why I ended up getting so snap-happy! I have enhanced my photos slightly (because I pretty much always do!) but I took everything in the official viewer (on ultra) using the region environment settings and the raw shots don’t actually look that much different from what you see here.

Inside the Mine

Inside the Mine

The avatar I’m wearing is one of four available to purchase for this hunt (2 Dwarfins and 2 Peas), they are completely optional but a lot of fun to use. The Pea version includes a backpack that you can add tools to by playing the coordinating Gacha in Mad City – there are 5 tools to collect: binoculars, helmet, lantern, shovel and sledgehammer.

Deeper Inside

Deeper Inside

My little companion you can see pictured here is one of four available clue-finders.. again, it’s perfectly possible to complete the hunt without one, but I definitely found the first two stages less frustrating with my mini-me chatterbox tagging along. He wasn’t of any use in the mine itself but I so enjoyed watching his cute little feet try to keep up with me that I kept him rezzed.

A Beautiful Vista

A Beautiful Vista

After picking up my loot I hopped back to the mine’s entrance to admire the view once more before heading home to unpack my lovely boxes.

The Treasure's All Mine!

The Treasure’s All Mine!

These are only a handful of the prizes that await you on completion of The Lost Mine – there are over 20 in total including clothing, accessories, decor and more. You can see further prize previews here if you are so inclined.

The Lost Mine hunt will end on April 30th but, honestly, even if you haven’t started yet, you still have plenty of time to complete it – it’s a fairly short hunt that you can easily get through in one sitting or return to as and when you have some free time.

If you do decide to play, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and keep an eye out for more fabulous MadPea events!

Love and stuff,


Avatar: ‘Brave Pea‘ – MadPeaL$200*
Accessories: ‘Pea Avatar Attachments‘ – MadPeaL$25 per play (Gacha)*
Companion: ‘Pea Clue Finder‘ – MadPeaL$150*

Building: ‘Mine Shack‘ – Never Totally Dead
Map: ‘The Professor’s Map‘ – Collage
Chest: ‘Treasure‘ – Elephante Poses
Gold: ‘The Lost Mines’ Golden Treasure‘ – Wimey
Barrel/Tools: ‘Mining Decor‘ – Alouette

Start Location
Mad City

(*review copies)



Another fab new release – this time from Cysleek – a jumpsuit available in 8 really cute styles: love it! ❤

Hair: ‘Teddi (Sherbert)‘ – VignetteL$0 – Freebie – lots of colours available
Skin: ‘Petal [Light] Party Girl-Midnight 1‘ – CurioL$0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
Lipstick: ‘Dots (Blue)‘ – XCWL$0 – Freebie – 5 colours included
Eyes: ‘Twilight Eve (Aether I)‘ – by SnowL$15
Earrings: ‘Unicorn Daydream (Violet/Blue)‘ (mesh) – Intrigue Co.L$100 – 2 colour set
Necklace: ‘My Special Treasures (Unicorn Tears)‘ – PIDIDDLEL$50 – Gatcha (Rare)
Jumpsuit: ‘Lizy (Checked Blue)‘ (mesh) – CysleekL$150NEW!*
Bracelets/Nails: ‘Cotton Candy Nails with Rings‘ – Rotten DefianceL$0 – Past Hunt Prize
Tights: ‘Style Flowers Pantyhose (White)‘ – Style PantyhoseL$75
Shoes: ‘Kitty Sneakers‘ (texture-change) – Crazy KittyL$280
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift [Free to Join]

Rita 2‘ pose by Expressive Poses (L$0, Freebie Pack)
Location: The Noble Storybook

(*Review copy gratefully received! <3)




The Plastik has an absolute bargain out for Lazy Sunday: for just L$75 you get necklaces (3 lengths), earrings, 2 tops, jacket, skinny jeans, skirt, sneakers and heels – all excellent quality, too!

Also, I’ve been waiting for a chance to show off these super-cute lip tattoos by [#7] DISCOVERY at The Gallery Gift Shop – I think they’re so much fun and they are only L$35 for 4 colours ❤

Hair: ‘BerryJuice (Hypnotic Red)‘ (mesh) – LoQ Hair (@TDR Fusion) – L$70 – Exclusive Fatpack
Skin: ‘Petal [Dark] Party Girl-Bubbly 1‘ – CurioL$0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
Eyes: ‘Beginner Lenses (Ghost)‘ – Chus!L$0 – Freebie
Eye makeup: ‘Eyeliner So Cute (Red)‘ – MONS (Marketplace) – L$1 – Dollarbie Promo – 12 colours included
Lip Tattoo: ‘Mustache Your Lips (Red)‘ – no.7 (@TGGS) – L$35 – 4 colours included*
Outfit: ‘Anon‘ (mesh) – The PlastikL$75 – Lazy Sunday
(includes shoes, tops, skirts, jackets and jewelry – more than is shown here)
Nails: ‘Cross Nails‘ (mesh) – Nemezi (Marketplace) – L$1 – Dollarbie
Ring: ‘Cameo Ring‘ – ScrubL$0 – Past hunt Prize
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift [Free to Join]

Vendors – 5‘ pose by Glitterati
Location: London Village

(*Review copy gratefully received! <3)




A new round of The Gallery Gift Shop has started and there are lots of goodies to be found there including this dress, ear gauges and eyes! It’s a beautiful spot so take your time and have a good look around ❤

Hair: ‘Strangelove (Gray)‘ – EMO-tionsL$245
Skin: ‘80’s Show Off (Pale)‘ – cStar LimitedL$0 – Past Marketplace Freebie (no longer available)
Eyes: ‘Galaxy Eyes (Earth)‘ – Tableau Vivant (@TGGS) – L$75NEW!*
Earrings: ‘Neon Punk Gauges (Electric Blue)‘ – HoD (@TGGS) – L$200NEW!*
Necklace: ‘Safety Pin Choker‘ – AidoruL$120
Piercings: ‘Chest Piercing‘ – PhoebeL$0 – Past Hunt Prize
Dress: ‘Natascha (Blue)‘ (mesh) – 22769 (@TGGS) – L$160NEW!*
Tattoo: ‘100 Member Gifty‘ – flauntL$0 – Past Freebie [Store now closed]
Arm Warmers: ‘Arm Warmers (Silver)‘ (mesh) – EpicL$0 – Past VIP Group Gift [L$350 to Join]
Stockings: ‘Fishnet Stockings‘ – BoHo HoBoL$0 – Freebie
Shoes: ‘Kitty Sneakers‘ (texture-change) – Crazy KittyL$280
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift [Free to Join]

Beat 10‘ pose by Eternal Dream (@Pose Fair, L$40)*
Location: Tim’s Dreams

(*Review copies gratefully received! <3)


pose by Eternal Dream (@Pose Fair, L$40)

Wild Thing


This yummy and versatile texture-change mesh dress is brought to you by Shadow Moon and includes boots and matching jewelry; I think this is a total bargain at just L$199!

Talking of bargains, gotta love this skin from CENSORED – a Kawaii Fair Freebie – with its 12 included lipsticks.. fab!

Finally, Whip was released by F@C at Hair Fair last year and it remains one of my favourite finds – I think its price of L$150 is super-reasonable, too!

Hair: ‘Whip (Black/Pink)‘ (includes hair base) – F@CL$150
Skin: ‘Teena (with Magenta II Lips)‘ – CENSORED (@Kawaii Fair 2013) – L$0 – Freebie
Eyes: ‘Daydream2 (Black/Blue)‘ – UMEBOSHI (@The Gallery Gift Shop) – L$50 (4 shades included) – NEW!*
Earrings: ‘Saturday Night Special II‘ – CoLLisions – L$0 – Past Hunt Prize
Outfit: ‘Wild Thing (Cheetah)‘ (mesh, texture change) – Shadow MoonL$199 (includes boots and jewelry) – NEW!*
Nails: ‘Finger Tapes with Nails (Black)‘ – Duh!L$1 – Dollarbie
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift [Free to Join]

Boxy‘ prop and pose by Glitterati

(*Review copies gratefully received! <3)