When Snails Attack! (Kagami 2014)

I’ve waited to post about sian’s awesome items (more about these after the next pic) for this Japanese horror themed event because I wanted to be able to experience it fully for myself – and I’m so glad I have because it’s truly amazing! There is so much to see and do – I really took my time and spent a good few hours there (in sessions) but I still feel like I want to go back and do more. You land at the market area and from there you can pick up a HUD and instructions on how to play the game in which you follow and interact with an unfolding storyline.. a kind of puzzle adventure. The theme is horror but it’s creepy in parts rather than terrifying and I found the overall atmosphere interesting and endearing.. and the builds are beautifully done. It’s also completely free to play!

I’m seriously impressed with all aspects – it’s just so fun and engaging and with the main puzzle, hunt & mini games within the game, there is lots to see and do! I’ve posted a collage of some of the pics I took as a teaser – but I’m giving no spoilers about the rest of the experience.. I hope you all have chance to find out for yourselves. Kagami will be available until the end of the month so there is still plenty of time. SLURL here or read more on the official website.

As I mentioned earlier, the landing point is a market, and here you can shop for some truly original items designed especially for the event. sian very kindly sent me Chariot’s blog pack which contains a wealth of items based on the manga series Uzumaki.. I confess I haven’t read any of the manga, nor seen the film (though I now very much want to!) but the items are exceptional. I’ve always loved snails – there is just something about them that make me smile so, to me at least, the skullclamp, earrings and bracelet hit a sweet spot between creepy/sinister and cute (because ‘OMG there’s another snail.. squee!) – I appreciate you may feel somewhat differently if you don’t like snails but you still gotta appreciate the gorgeous textures and originality.. I particularly love the bracelets for the snail trails! For each main item you buy there are bonus snails – for decor and for your hand – and there is also a fatpack of all the ‘Spiral Obsession‘ items available at a very reasonable L$400.

Seeing as I’ve been enthusiastic with my editing of the photo I’ve included a raw shot after the credits.. and a shot of the items displayed on a rather interesting mannequin head I picked up on the Marketplace. Hopefully they give you a little more detail, but I also recommend taking a look at sian’s flickr as the photos there are always incredibly beautiful and you’ll also be able to see the table in its full glory.

I hope you take the opportunity to visit Kagami while it’s there and show some love to the creators and participating designers if you’re able because without them our little world would be a whole lot less interesting!

See you soon!


Clothing & Accessories
Skullclamp: ‘Spiral Obsession Skullclamp‘ – Chariot (@Kagami) – L$160*
Earrings: ‘Spiral Obsession Earrings‘ – Chariot (@Kagami) – L$160*
Dress: ‘Caelestis (Bronze & Gold)‘ – Occult & The Fallen (@We Love Role-Play) – L$420
Bracelets: ‘Spiral Obsession Snailtrail Bracelet‘ – Chariot (@Kagami) – L$160*
Snails: ‘Spiral Obsession – Hand Snail‘ – Chariot (@Kagami) – included with any main purchase..
(..attachment location modded)*

Hair: ‘D802 (Amber)‘ – Tram (@Collabor88) – L$188 – 2-colour pack
Skin: ‘Coral (Jamaica, Lotus C)‘ – Glam Affair – past Fifty Linden Friday, not currently available..
(..Slink appliers sold separately, L$95)
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light Eyes (Desert Dawn Shadow)‘ – MayflyL$99
Lashes: ‘C01 Natural Eyelashes‘ – FTLL$280 – Fatpack
Eye Makeup: ‘Magali (Olive)‘ – ZibskaL$250 – 11-color pack
Lip Gloss: ‘Your Lip Gloss #5 (Beige)‘ – AngelicaL$150 – 3-colour pack
Hands: ‘AvEnhance Hands (Mouse)‘ – SlinkL$450 (wearing included basic nails)
Shape: My usual modded

Snail: ‘Spiral Obsession – Deco Snail‘ – Chariot (@Kagami) – included with any main purchase*
Table: ‘Spiral Obsession – Table‘ – Chariot (@Kagami) – L$60
Head: ‘Female Mannequin Head (Shirley)‘ – Reflect DesignL$195

Photo Tools
Pose: ‘EEEK 1‘ – Hopscotch – past Subscriber Group Gift, not currently available
Windlight (avi): ‘Washed Out Sky‘ by sian – available for download here
Windlight (Kagami): region settings
Windlight (display): ‘Studio Light‘ (included in the Firestorm viewer)

Kagami 2014 (collage pics only)

[*review copies – diolch yn fawr, sian!]

Spiral Obsession Display


When Snails Attack raw

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What’s your favourite thing about space?

Mine is space the futuristic fashion 😉

Spaaace Close-up

click to enlarge

The inspiration for this post was seeing May Tolsen’s release for the current round of Kustom9 – ‘Space Friends‘ are so adorable  that I knew I had to have some for my very own. These detailed original meshes are designed to be worn as attachments but I thought it would be fun to rez them for this post; I resized ‘My Home,’ (taking care to make a note of its original dimensions so I could return it back to its intended state once I was done) and I love the results!

Of course, setting up a space-themed post meant I got to shop for lots more cool stuff (not that I ever really need much of an excuse.) I stumbled across Nylon Popstar‘s leotards a little while ago and I knew they would be the perfect starting point for my outfit – there are 9 colours to choose from, each including 2 transparancy options, multiple layers and Phat Azz and Lolas appliers for only L$50 a pack. Hopefully the pictures speak for the amazing quality of the texture itself – it really is that shiny!

A search for space-y items on Marketplace returned these funky boots by Killer Cerise and I just had to have them: the style and texture is just so cute! I resized them slightly and used the alpha for my Slink feet rather than the one included as my legs are pretty small.. but that is the beauty of modifiable items, with just a little tinkering you can have them fit pretty much any shape you choose to be.

I found Olli Braveheart‘s hair store, LCKY, thanks to a fellow blogger and I’m now a big fan: the styles there are really something special and the colours in the packs are some of the loveliest I’ve seen. The one I’m wearing here is an older style which fitted perfectly under Dolce Blackflag‘s fab helmet – there are currently 15 discounted styles out in store sold in colour packs costing only L$50 each.

I’ve layered quite a lot of eye makeup for an ‘out of this world effect’ but the skin itself is a lovely dollarbie from the ever-fabulous MiaSnow (back in-world again, yay!): its lips were already a perfect match for my chosen outfit.

I hope you enjoy this look at least a little as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!

Until next time,


Leotard: ‘Plastic Leotard (Orange)‘ – Popstar IndustriesL$50 (inc. opaque & transparent versions)
Tights: ‘Pabu Tights (Sky)‘ – UmeboshiL$50 – 5-colour pack
Boots: ‘Power Boots‘ – Rotten CherryL$250 (Marketplace)

Helmet: ‘Helmet (Orange)‘ – GallacticL$150

Hair: ‘Nazu (Flood)‘ – LCKYL$50 – 5-colour pack
Skin: ‘Ember Trend (Pale)‘ – MIA14L$1 – Dollarbie
Eyes: ‘Anime (Blue)‘ – CranberryL$0 – Past Hunt Gift
Lashes: ‘Tableau Lashes‘ – Cheap MakeupL$0 – Freebie (Marketplace)
Makeup Layer 1: ‘Basic Inner Eyeliner (Black)‘ – made by yours truly/not for sale
Makeup Layer 2: ‘Trindolyn Powder Makeup (Orange)‘ – no.7 (@Skin Fair – Sim 1) – L$200 – 12-colour pack
Makeup Layer 3: ‘Princess Star Blush (Blue)‘ – Adore&Abhor (@Skin Fair – Sim 3) – L$0 – Freebie, 11-colour pack
Makeup Layer 4: ‘Vivacious Eye Makeup (Turquoise)‘ – GlamorizeL$7 – 7-colour pack
Hands: ‘AvEnhance Hands (Gesture)‘ – SlinkL$450
Nailpolish (Slink applier): ‘Galaxy‘ – A:S:SL$98 – 8-colour pack, toenail applier also included
Shape: ‘Keri‘ – Panda PunxL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join] (body slightly modified, more info here)

Texture: ‘Deep Space (Beyond)‘ [Full Perm] – Clutter for BuildersL$0 – Past VIP Group Gift [L$1000 to Join]
Planet/Spaceship: ‘Space Friends‘ – Tentacio (@Kustom9) – L$70ea – Gatcha*
(*modded and rezzed: ‘Home Alone’, ‘Seaquest Blue’ and ‘Apolo13 Green’ shown, others available)

Photo Tools
Pose (Main Pic): ‘Spread Your Wings and Fly Away (2M)‘ – HopScotchL$40
Pose (Close-up): ‘Scarlett3‘ – Diesel WorksL$0 – Freebie, 11-pose pack
Pose (Boots): ‘Nana_freebie‘ – oOo StudioL$0 – Freebie
Eye Position: ‘Expression HUD v1.0‘ – AnyPoseL$0 – Freebie
Facelight: ‘Light Lab v1‘ – Color LabL$0 – Freebie (Marketplace) (used in close-up only)
Windlight Setting: ‘Raymond’s Brighter Day
Editing: GIMP, PicMonkey & Pixlr-o-matic

Spaaace Boots


Happy Holidays!

225_001Happy Holidays from Cheep & ChiChi.. may they be filled with peace and love!

❤ you all


Hair: ‘Amandine (Black Coffee)‘ (mesh) – Wasabi PillsL$250 (4-colour ‘browns’ pack)
Skin: ‘Okonomiyaki (Christmas Special 2)‘ – English Muffin L$0 – Group Gift [L$100 to Join]
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Top: ‘Peace on Earth Cardigan‘ (mesh) – BoHo HoBoL$0 – Hunt Prize*
(*Peace on Earth Hunt, ends January 6th 2013)
Pants: ‘Skinny Jeans (Patched)‘ (mesh) – BoHo HoBoL$180*
(*All proceeds from BoHo HoBo go to RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) to fund hospitals, schools, orphanages and literacy programs both within Afghanistan and refugee camps in Pakstan.)
Shoes: ‘Ariane (Prussian)‘ – IngenueL$75 – Gatcha
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Snow Angel‘ prop and pose by HopScotch (Advent Calendar 21, L$1)

I’m in a Rosy Mood

217_001More goodness from Collabor88 in the form of these yummy mesh boots by Schadenfreude. I’m also showing a totally adorable dress by Rosy Mood .. hope you enjoy! ❤

Hair: ‘Myrtle Updo (Light Blonde)‘ – Pocket Mirrors  – L$1 – Dollarbie (3-colour pack)
Skin: ‘Dorothy (04, Burly)‘ – My Ugly DorothyL$999NEW!*
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Dress: ‘Satin Jumper Dress (Green)‘ – Rosy MoodL$160
Boots: ‘Leith Boots (Ash)‘ (mesh) – Schadenfreude (@Collabor88) – L$188NEW!
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Pose Me VI‘ pose by HopScotch (Advent Calendar 1, L$1)

(*Review copy gratefully received! <3)

Let It Snow!


There are so many wonderful events and promotions going on at the moment; I’m in a total whirl trying to keep up with them all! A few that you definitely aren’t going to want to miss are the following:

ploom – 12 Days of Christmas Sale: every day for the next 12 days a hairstyle is going to be set at a sale price. Today’s hair, ‘Miseria‘ is just L$100 per colour pack or L$125 for the indecisive pack/L$600 fat pack!

Existence sim (BOOMPIDIDDLE & Miseria) – 12 Days of Giving: “Make a purchase at one of the participating stores on the Existence sim between December 12th and December 24th to automatically be entered to win. Each day one winner will be chosen and will receive their choice of 1000L worth of products. On December 24th, everyone who made a purchase between December 12th and December 24th will have a chance to win 20,000L in cash and prizes.”

JeSyLiLO – Group Gifts: I’ve mentioned this before but it’s such a good offer I think it deserves to be mentioned again! Over 100 gifts for group members are scattered all over the sim – the group is only L$50 to join so this is a fab time to do so if you haven’t already!

HopScotch – Advent Calendar: each day a pose is set out at just L$1!

Happy shopping! ❤

Hair: ‘Lewna‘ – ploomL$125 – Indecisive Pack (12 Days of Christmas promo)
Skin: ‘League of Christmas‘ – JeSyLiLOL$0 – Group Gift [L$50 to Join]
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light Eyes (Vivid Blue)‘ – MayflyL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Cardigan: ‘Ash Cardigan (Midnight)‘ – MiseriaL$125 – 2-Colour Pack
Tank: ‘Knit Tank (Lavender)‘ – BOOML$125
Necklace: ‘Cervidae Necklace (Gold)‘ – PIDIDDLEL$200 – 2-Version Pack
Skirt: ‘Love Me Skirt (Twilight)‘ – BOOML$75
Shoes: ‘Gatsby Heels (Chestnut)‘ – IngenueL$295
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Covered in Rain‘ pose by HopScotch (Advent Calendar 7, L$1)
Taken on the Existence sim

Walking in a Winter Wunderland

212_001One of the things I love almost as much as birdies are Matryoshka Dolls so I was delighted when I found these fab ‘Babushka Minis‘ at Wunderland! There’s a lot there I love and I will be making further trips in the not-too-distant future – I recommend you do, too, and snag these lovely store gift leggins while you’re at it!<3

Hair: ‘Aradhana (Strawberry)‘ – TruthL$250 – Blondes Pack
Skin: ‘Dorayaki 2 (Creme)‘  – English MuffinCOMING SOON!*
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Top 1: ‘Sheer Tank (Dark Blue)‘ – Shabby CatL$99*
Top 2: ‘Sweatshirt (Brown)‘ (mesh) – Shabby CatL$120*
Skirt: ‘Babushka Mini (Beige)‘ (mesh) – WunderlandL$110
Leggings: ‘Aztec Leggins‘ – WunderlandL$0 – Freebie
Shoes: ‘Ariane (Prussian)‘ – IngenueL$75 – Gatcha
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

‘Stand Pretty’ pose by HopScotch (Advent Calendar 4, L$1)
Taken at the Wunderland sim

(*Review copies gratefully received! <3)

All About Eve

211_001Eve‘ is a beautiful new mesh cocktail dress from Shabby Cat – the textures are velvet and satin, and it comes in 7 beautiful shades. I really love this release: so tastefully elegant! ❤

Hair: ‘Grace Updo (Brick)‘ – Pocket MirrorsL$200 – Reds Pack
Skin: ‘Josette‘ – Mother Goose’sL$1 – Dollarbie
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Lashes: ‘Corner Only Lashes‘ – Rosy MoodL$0 – Freebie
Necklace: ‘Celebration Choker‘ – WTGL$0 – Past Group Gift [L$100 to Join]
Dress: ‘Eve Cocktail Dress (Silver)‘ (mesh) – Shabby CatL$199NEW!*
Gloves: ‘Paris (Black/Silver)‘ – Bliensen + MaiTaiL$199 (also includes silver gloves)
Ring: ‘Cameo‘ – ScrubL$0 – Past Hunt Prize
Shoes: ‘Cygnette‘ (colour-change) – SchadenfreudeL$625 – Greyscale Pack
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (No longer available)

Drama Queen 1‘ pose by HopScotch (Advent Calendar 9, L$1)

(*Review copy gratefully received <3)