Today is the last day of the Mystic Realms Faire so you have just enough time (I hope) to swoop over and grab this amazing and beautifully-crafted crown by Chariot which was the inspiration behind today’s outfit. There are more fab goodies to be found in sian’s stall and the fair in general is stunning, so, if you haven’t already done so and you have some free time today, I really recommend you taking this final opportunity to visit.

I’ve been playing around with PicMonkey‘s newest comic book features and I like the dramatic way this turned out – particularly the dot shading on the skin (which is a beautiful L$70 bargain by Swallow currently found at The Dressing Room Fusion.) I really enjoy working on photos like this when I get the chance but I still appreciate how beautiful the items are on their own –  scroll down past the credits if you would like to see the unedited shot.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


Clothing & Accessories
Crown: ‘Princess of the Rains and Rivers‘ – Chariot (@Mystic Realms Faire) – L$150
Shoulder Pieces: ‘Anja Fur Shoulders (Black)‘ – House of Fox – no longer available
Bodysuit: ‘Dolly Suit (Kohl)‘ – Miseria – not currently available
Corset: ‘Nairi Corset (Ash)‘ – RiskeL$175

Hair & Hairbase: ‘Lika Updo (Black 2)‘ – MiamaiL$200 – 4-colour pack
Skin: ‘Monia Halloween v2‘ – Swallow (@TDRF) – L$70..
..also includes 4 brow colour options, and appliers for Slink hands, feet & Physique.
Eyes: ‘Woeful Eyes (Transparent)‘ – Brixley – this version not currently available
Eyeliner: ‘The Doll Eyeliner‘ – no.7 (@booN apartments) – L$25
Eyelashes: ‘Fallen Feathers‘ – no.7 (@booN apartments) – L$25
Tattoo: ‘Oil Owl (Oil Slick Collar 100%)‘ – Clemmm & ContraptionL$300..
..also includes further tattoo layers, eyes, nose piece, eye pulls, and various appliers.

Photo Tools
Pose: my own
Windlight: greyskymoon

[*review copy – diolch yn fawr, sian!]

Odile unedited

click to enlarge


246_001It’s my birthday this month so I’m loving Zodiac‘s Aquarius selection!

Hair: ‘Khloe (Blonde Chiffon)‘ – Raspberry AristocratL$200 –  Bashful Blondes Pack
Skin: ‘Linda (LB)‘ – Mother Goose’sL$0 – Lucky Board
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Earring: ‘Danaide Earrings‘ – Virtual/Insanity (@Zodiac) – L$75
Top: ‘Karna Aquarius‘ (mesh) – MiaMai (@Zodiac) – L$230
Ring: ‘Nemo Ring‘ – LouLou&Co. (@Zodiac) – L$75
Pants: ‘Lace-up Leggings (Black)‘ – DCNYL$195 – 2-colour pack – NEW!
Shoes: ‘Bae Kitten Heels (Turquoise)‘ – LVLE (@Zodiac) – L$249
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Boxy‘ prop and pose by Glitterati



I love these new mesh shorts by LeRazz – the detail is amazing! They can be found on the marketplace for just L$99 and also come in blue and beige. Also pictured from LeRazz is this promo mesh top which can be found exclusively at their Ilha Brasil Rio store for just L$50

As I’ve mentioned before, I really do like this store and am excited to see what the future holds! ❤

Hair: ‘Plum (Black)‘ (inc. hairbase) – YassineL$99 – Past Grunge Soul Project (Yassine is temporarily closed)
Skin: ‘Saskia (Pouty Lips)‘ – English MuffinL$200
(review copy gratefully received, thanks Queenie! <3)
Eyes: ‘Solar Girl (Grey 1)‘ – English MuffinCOMING SOON!
(review copy gratefully received, thanks Queenie! <3)
Lashes: ‘Catwalk Lashes (Pink Explosion)‘ – MiamaiL$0 – Past Hunt Prize (no longer available)
Earring: ‘Unheimlich II‘ – CoLLisionsL$0 – Hunt Prize
(Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt, ends August 25th)
Tattoo: ‘Come Rock Locke‘ – CoLLisions (@Vintage Fair) – L$150NEW!
(review copy gratefully received, thanks Guen! <3)
Top: ‘Hot Top (Dangerous Drink)‘ (mesh) – LeRazz (@Ilha Brasil Rio) – L$50 – Store Exclusive Promo
(review copy gratefully received, thanks Leona! <3)
Bracelets: ‘PinkySkulls‘ – ‘Pinkyskulls‘ – Phoebe (Marketplace) – L$0 – Freebie
Gloves/Rings/Nails: ‘LaLa Pink‘ – FormanailsL$0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
(available to buy for L$349 or check out the ever-changing Lucky Boards)
Shorts: ‘Urban Shorts (Gray)‘ – LeRazz (Marketplace) – L$99 – NEW!
(review copy gratefully received, thanks Leona! <3)
Socks: ‘Baroque Stockings (Ink)‘ – The Sea Hole (@Collabor88) – L$28
Shoes: ‘Platform High Heels‘ (mesh, colour-change) – deeRL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0 – Group Gift [L$50 to Join]

Naturally Confident Model Pose 4‘ by Fudge (L$10, Pack of 4)

An English Muffin Made My Day!

Earlier today I wandered back to my computer after having been afk for quite some time to find a lovely surprise waiting for me: Queenie, the creator of English Muffin, had heard about this blog post and, as a thank you, sent me a pack of her soon-to-be-released glitter lips skins. I’m completely overwhelmed as they are BEAUTIFUL. I’m not sure I deserve such a fantastic reward for blogging about a group gift but I am very, very grateful! ❤ ❤

Here is ‘Slipper Aqua‘ in all its glory and I’ve added headshots for the other gorgeous colours at the end of the post. These skins are even better ‘in the flesh’ as there is a lovely subtle sheen on the eyelids – yummy!

Hair: ‘Natum (White)‘ – INK (@Hair Fair 2012) – L$1 – Dollarbie
Skin: ‘Slipper (Aqua)‘ – English MuffinCOMING SOON!
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light Eyes (Desert Dawn)‘ (mesh) – MayflyL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Earrings: ‘Bang‘ – WTGL$0 – Group Midnight Mania [L$100 to Join]
Top: ‘Demonic Soul Fishnet Top‘ – Death Dealers’ MarketL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Pasties: ‘Tape Pasties (Black)‘ – Dientes (Marketplace) – L$1 – Dollarbie
(part of an outfit)
Nails: ‘Life Nails‘ – Mad’L$0 – Hunt Prize
(The Makeup & Tattoo Hunt, ends August 5th)
Pants: ‘House Capris (Black)‘ (mesh) – English MuffinL$0 – Past Group Gift [L$25 to Join]
(no longer available)
Ankle Tattoo: ‘Cross Tattoo‘ – no wow (Marketplace) – L$0 – Freebie
Shoes: ‘Plateau Worker Pumps (White)‘ – PIA (Marketplace) – L$10 – Promo
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]

Yeah Yeah‘ poses by Miamai (Past Lazy Sunday, L$70)


I thought it was time for a post with a little more colour – this watermelon theme was inspired by some items I’ve collected along the way: some new, some old. Hope you enjoy!

Hair: ‘Molly (Hot Pink)‘ – TamelessL$0 – Group Gift [megapack, Free to Join]
Skin: ‘Reena‘ – Panda PunxL$0 – July Group Gift [Free to Join]
Eyes: ‘Acid‘ – dirty.little.secret – L$10
Make-up: ‘Watermelon Lipshine‘ – Mock (@October’s Trending Fashion Chamber) – L$99*
(*’Picks’ pack also includes Infinity Leopard eyeshadow)
Messy Face Tattoo: ‘Watermelon Messy Face‘ – Razzberry Inc.L$80*
(*also comes with a slice of Watermelon)
Popsicle: ‘Melon‘ – SanuL$0 – Hunt Prize (1 of 2)
(CSL Hunt ended 24th June – prizes still out at time of posting)
Necklace: ‘Bottle Charm‘ – Pink FuelL$10 – Gatcha
(store temporarily closed until July 13th)
Dress: ‘Tube Dress (Melon)‘ – Happy UndeadL$0 – Old Hunt Prize
(Mesh Around hunt, ended)
Ring (L): ‘Glitter Gun Ring‘ (mesh, colour change) – Sugar (@XY Room) – L$99
Ring (R): ‘Ribbon Ring (Green)‘ – IZUMIYA – L$0 – Freebie
Nails: ‘Fruity Summer Short Nails‘ (texture change) – Virtual/InsanityL$85 – Make Yourself Up Sale
(ends July 6th)
Shoes: ‘Squeeky Sandals‘ – Sn@tchL$0 – Lucky Board (5mins)
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]

Pics taken at amato‘s photo studio
Yeah Yeah‘ poses by Miamai (Lazy Sunday, L$70)

Fight Club

The second rule of Fight Club is.. ;0)

I had fun putting this blog post together, having got the inspiration from CoLLision’s Taste of SL hunt prize, but the second picture hasn’t come out as well as I’d have liked – I’m still getting bits of white in my hair mostly because I’m too lazy to go painstakingly pixel-by-pixel.. I’ll get the hang of it eventually, though!

Hair: ‘Piper‘ (colour change) – ChiChickieL$95 – Promo Fat Pack (promo now ended)
Eyes: ‘Natural Eyes (Black)‘ – Roly-PolyL$0 – Free Colour
Skin: ‘July‘ – Filthy – L$0 – VIP Group Gift [L$199 to Join]
Tattoo: ‘Tyler’s Warning‘ – CoLLisionsL$0 – Hunt Prize
(Taste of Second Life Hunt, ends July 15th)
Bruising: ‘Battered‘ – Death Row DesignsL$0 – Midnight Mania
Necklace: ‘Dogtags‘ – Sad’sL$1 – Dollarbie
Outfit: ‘Ruby‘ – CricketsL$0 – Past Group Lucky Board* [Free to Join]
(includes shoes, available to buy for L$300)
Hand Wraps: ‘Punk Black Tape Gloves‘ – FormanailsL$0 – Past Hunt Prize
(Store Exclusive Easter Hunt now ended)
Shape: ‘Keri‘ – Panda PunxL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]

Yeah Yeah‘ poses by Miamai (Lazy Sunday, L$70)
Textures here and here

Summer’s Day

Experimenting with light, shadows and reflections. I think I need a little more detail in the sky..

This swimsuit by Dead Dollz is by far my favourite that I own – it has an awesome wet-look sheen to it: very sexy and a total bargain at L$1!

Hair: ‘Jessie (w/Roots, Golden)‘ – TruthL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Skin: ‘Cream‘ – FilthyL$0 – June VIP Group Gift [L$199 to Join]
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light‘ (mesh) – MayflyL$0 – Hunt Prize
(Mesh Around Hunt now ended)
Lashes: ‘Catwalk Lashes (Pink Explosion)‘ – MiamaiL$0 – Hunt Prize
(Mesh Around Hunt now ended)
Lip Gloss: ‘LipGloss01 (Light)‘ – FilthyL$1 – Dollarbie (pack of 8)
Earrings: ‘Cherry Pierce‘ – Crystal LineL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Swimsuit: ‘Awakening‘ – Dead DollzL$1 – Dollarbie
Nails (inc. Bracelet): ‘Loop‘ – FormanailsL$0 – Group Lucky Board* [Free to Join]
(*the Lucky Boards change frequently– also available to buy for L$595 )
Shape: ‘Bini Shape 2‘ – Mother Goose’sL$50*
(*part of a pack of 2 shapes and 4 skins)

Pic taken at amato.
Pose ‘Coy 3‘ by aDORKable (L$50)