And I Feel Fine

And I Feel Fine

It’s the end of the world as we know it..

Genre has started a new round and, this time, the theme is Post Apocalyptic. Chariot‘s contribution are these fabulous scavenged breastplates – they are modifiable so I had no trouble fitting them to my shape and the textures are exquisite, as always. There are three versions available: ‘Unstoppable‘ (pictured), ‘No Entry‘ and ‘Diverted‘ – they cost just L$50 each or you can buy all three for L$100. The round is open until December 12th and is packed full of incredible items so be sure to hop on over!

I also want to mention this androgynous ‘Jahne Doe‘ skin by Deluxe Body Factory because I am utterly in love with it! It’s one of the prizes in MadPea’s latest interactive hunt/game, Blood Letters. A modifiable shape is also included but I used my own because I really like the way it looks on my current face shape.

Blood Letters is an unusual and compelling murder-mystery game that unfolds a little bit each day. You need a HUD to play (costs L$400) which allows you to pick up clues – you receive prizes at the rate of one a day (if you miss a day, don’t worry – you can go back along the time line, you just can’t skip ahead) and then a bunch more at the end; they have all been stunning so far (you’ll have to wait a little longer for this skin as the story hasn’t reached that location yet.) I’ve been playing along and it really is a lot of fun with a great sense of community in the MadPea group as we all try to solve the case! The game runs until November 30th and the starting point is here; full instructions on how to play can be found over at the MadPea blog. The experience is most definitely adult-orientated so I would recommend making sure you are comfortable with the themes before taking part.

Thanks for reading – see you all soon!

Chia ❤

And I Feel Fine_closeup

Jahne Doe


Clothing & Accessories
Breastplates: ‘Roadwarrior Breastplate (Unstoppable)Chariot (@Genre) – L$50*
Overalls: ‘My Overall (Dark Blue)‘ – monsoL$315
Shoes: ‘Belted Ankle Boots‘ – COCOL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]

Hair & Hairbase: ‘Trilby (Hot 02)‘ – Raw HouseL$150 – 10-colour pack
Skin: ‘Jahne Doe‘ – Deluxe Body FactoryL$0 – MadPea Blood Letters Hunt Prize..* need to purchase a HUD and follow the game to gain this (and many other) fantastic prize(s).
Read more here.
Eyes: ‘Luminous (London Fog)‘ – MayflyL$0 – Freebie
Shape: usual (modified)

Photo Tools
Pose: ‘BrokenDoll02‘ – Fruct0seL$40
Windlight: ‘Apocalyptic Sky‘ by sian – available for download here

I just rezzed a dock from the ‘Walkable Structures‘ pack by KIDD Creations onto the bit of my sim that faces the ocean.

[*review copies received with thanks!]



I found this cute hair for just L$1 on the Marketplace and decided to put together a happy & colourful outfit to go with it. I really like the way it turned out, hope you do, too! ❤

Hair: ‘Haru Haru Super Pink Hair‘ – Aria Ibor (Marketplace) – L$1 – Dollarbie
Skin: ‘Petal [Light] Party Girl-Potion 1‘ – CurioL$0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Eye Makeup: ‘Blossom Shadow (Rose)‘ – elymodeL$0 – Freebie
Lipstick: ‘Pastel in Bubblegum‘ – UtopiaHL$99 – 5 colours included
Necklace: ‘Sugar Skulls Necklace‘ – Blow-UpL$100
Top 1: ‘Silk Choli (Nutmeg)‘ – BoHo HoBoL$45
Top 2: ‘Silk Cami (Nutmeg)‘ – BoHo HoBoL$45
Bangles: ‘Nature Silver Bangle‘ – Persefona (Marketplace) – L$0 – Freebie
Skirt: ‘Mini Wrap Sari (Green)‘ – BoHo HoBoL$55
Shoes: ‘My Fancy Flat Shoes (Pointed Cat/Orange)‘ – monsoL$75 – Gatcha
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift [Free to Join]

Golden Oriole Sparrow‘ prop and pose by Schadenfreude (L$300 for set)
Location: Fotoscope (woodland)



247_001New gorgeousness from My Ugly Dorothy, Tentacio and Cute Poison

Hair: ‘Norma (Type A, Red Amber)‘ – D!vaL$188 – Past Collabor88 (Exclusive Colour)
Skin: ‘Vivian 05 (Burly)‘ – My Ugly DorothyL$999NEW!*
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Top: ‘Darling (Cream)‘ – BOOML$165
Ring: ‘Star Ring (Pink)‘ – Cute PoisonL$25 – Gatcha – NEW!*
Nails: ‘Clear French (Fresh)‘ – Candy NailL$90
Bag: ‘Calico Neko Clutch‘ (mesh) – Mad Echo (Marketplace) – L$50
Pants: ‘Audrey High Waist Pants (Pink)‘ (mesh) – TentacioL$70NEW!*
Shoes: ‘My Fancy Flat Shoes (Sheep/Pink)‘ – monsoL$75 – Gatcha (Rare)
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Valentine’s Day‘ pose by Focus Poses (@Perfect Wardrobe, L$70 set)*

(Review copies gratefully received! <3)