Another fab new release – this time from Cysleek – a jumpsuit available in 8 really cute styles: love it! ❤

Hair: ‘Teddi (Sherbert)‘ – VignetteL$0 – Freebie – lots of colours available
Skin: ‘Petal [Light] Party Girl-Midnight 1‘ – CurioL$0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
Lipstick: ‘Dots (Blue)‘ – XCWL$0 – Freebie – 5 colours included
Eyes: ‘Twilight Eve (Aether I)‘ – by SnowL$15
Earrings: ‘Unicorn Daydream (Violet/Blue)‘ (mesh) – Intrigue Co.L$100 – 2 colour set
Necklace: ‘My Special Treasures (Unicorn Tears)‘ – PIDIDDLEL$50 – Gatcha (Rare)
Jumpsuit: ‘Lizy (Checked Blue)‘ (mesh) – CysleekL$150NEW!*
Bracelets/Nails: ‘Cotton Candy Nails with Rings‘ – Rotten DefianceL$0 – Past Hunt Prize
Tights: ‘Style Flowers Pantyhose (White)‘ – Style PantyhoseL$75
Shoes: ‘Kitty Sneakers‘ (texture-change) – Crazy KittyL$280
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift [Free to Join]

Rita 2‘ pose by Expressive Poses (L$0, Freebie Pack)
Location: The Noble Storybook

(*Review copy gratefully received! <3)



A Walk in the Forest

236_001(click pic to enlarge)

I’m really enjoying getting out of the studio more – Second Life has so much to offer it was a shame to always be in my box – I hope you like the new pics!

Hair: ‘Sage (Rose)‘ (part mesh) – Analog DogL$275 – Dark Reds Pack
Skin: ‘Okimi 6 (Creme)‘ – English MuffinL$1,500NEW!*
(Review copy gratefully received! <3)
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$0 – Free Colour
Scarf: ‘Slim Scarf (Brown)‘ – BOOML$85
Necklace: ‘Cervidae Necklace (Gold/IvoryHorns)‘ – PIDIDDLEL$200
Blouse: ‘Francie So Innocent Blouse (Milk)‘ – JANEL$50
Dress: ‘Ayko Argyle Mini-Dress (Army)‘ – BOOML$250
Tights: ‘Autumn Color Tights (Brown)‘ – Kyoko CoutureL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Boots: ‘Winter Boots (Smoky)‘ – Aisha/BOOML$399
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Lovely Day for a Stroll!‘ pose by Fudge (Subscriber Group Gift, In-world store to open again soon)
Location: Bentham Forest

Undead Perfection


PIDIDDLE‘s fantastic and thought-provoking ‘Undead Perfection Ensemble‘ includes mesh death mask, bodysuit, tattoo and nails (also available as separates). Love it! ❤

Outfit: ‘Undead Perfection Ensemble‘ (part mesh) – PIDIDDLEL$500
Skin: ‘Moonbeam [Light] Party Girl – Cured 1‘ – CurioL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join, check past notices]
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

BrokenDoll02‘ pose by Fruct0se (L$40)

Let It Snow!


There are so many wonderful events and promotions going on at the moment; I’m in a total whirl trying to keep up with them all! A few that you definitely aren’t going to want to miss are the following:

ploom – 12 Days of Christmas Sale: every day for the next 12 days a hairstyle is going to be set at a sale price. Today’s hair, ‘Miseria‘ is just L$100 per colour pack or L$125 for the indecisive pack/L$600 fat pack!

Existence sim (BOOMPIDIDDLE & Miseria) – 12 Days of Giving: “Make a purchase at one of the participating stores on the Existence sim between December 12th and December 24th to automatically be entered to win. Each day one winner will be chosen and will receive their choice of 1000L worth of products. On December 24th, everyone who made a purchase between December 12th and December 24th will have a chance to win 20,000L in cash and prizes.”

JeSyLiLO – Group Gifts: I’ve mentioned this before but it’s such a good offer I think it deserves to be mentioned again! Over 100 gifts for group members are scattered all over the sim – the group is only L$50 to join so this is a fab time to do so if you haven’t already!

HopScotch – Advent Calendar: each day a pose is set out at just L$1!

Happy shopping! ❤

Hair: ‘Lewna‘ – ploomL$125 – Indecisive Pack (12 Days of Christmas promo)
Skin: ‘League of Christmas‘ – JeSyLiLOL$0 – Group Gift [L$50 to Join]
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light Eyes (Vivid Blue)‘ – MayflyL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Cardigan: ‘Ash Cardigan (Midnight)‘ – MiseriaL$125 – 2-Colour Pack
Tank: ‘Knit Tank (Lavender)‘ – BOOML$125
Necklace: ‘Cervidae Necklace (Gold)‘ – PIDIDDLEL$200 – 2-Version Pack
Skirt: ‘Love Me Skirt (Twilight)‘ – BOOML$75
Shoes: ‘Gatsby Heels (Chestnut)‘ – IngenueL$295
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Covered in Rain‘ pose by HopScotch (Advent Calendar 7, L$1)
Taken on the Existence sim