With a Smile and a Song

With a Song and a SmileAnother round of Collabor88 started which, as always, means I’ve been emptying my virtual wallet for ALL THE CUTE STUFF!

For instance, this adorable ‘Fluffy‘ dress is by Julliette Westerburg of Tres Blah and I love it a lot; it’s pretty and girly and fluffy and it makes me feel like some kind of romantic heroine. Similarly cutesome is this ‘April‘ hair by Truth Hawks and, I have to admit, while I was already in love with its beautiful windswept look, it was the optional birdie hair clip that clinched the deal! πŸ˜€ Both of these items can be found at this month’s round of Collabor88, as can the sweet ‘Ella Heels‘ for Slink medium feet by Darling Monday that I’m also wearing.

My skin is ‘Oceane‘ by Filthy. I’m wearing the Ivory tone but there are six tones included in this discounted fatpack. Lots of makeup, freckles, cleavage options and various appliers are also included making it a fantastic deal for just under L$500. Alexandra has recently relocated the store here and it’s well worth checking out – there are 7 discounted fatpacks of older skins available in addition to her gorgeous new release.

I took this pic at Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest – it’s a place I’ve been to before but this was my first visit since I’ve returned to blogging. I was so happy to see its just as lovely as ever – so much beauty to explore there.

Full credits below and I’ll see you next time!




Dress: ‘Fluffy Dress (Roses)‘ – Tres Blah (@Collabor88) – L$188
Shoes: ‘Ella Heels (Cream)‘ – fri.day (@Collabor88) – L$188*
*for Medium Slink AvEnhance Feet only.

Hair: ‘April‘ – Truth (@Collabor88) – L$188 – Light Browns pack (also wearing included hair clip)
Skin: ‘Oceane (Ivory)‘ – FilthyL$490 – discounted Fatpack (also wearing included freckles)
Eyes: β€˜Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog, w2)β€˜ – Mayfly – L$0 – Free Colour
Lashes: β€˜Tableau Lashesβ€˜ – Cheap Makeup – L$0 – Freebie (Marketplace)
Hands: β€˜AvEnhance Hands (Casual)β€˜ – Slink – L$450 (wearing included basic nails)
Feet: β€˜AvEnhance Feet Female (Mid)β€˜ – Slink – L$675
Shape: β€˜Keriβ€˜ – Panda Punx – L$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join] (body & face slightly modified)

Photo Tools
Pose/Prop: ‘Sparrow Pose Set (Great Grey Shrike)‘ – SchadenfreudeL$300 – includes 6 birds/poses
Windlight Setting: ‘Original’ by StrawberrySingh.com
Editing: GIMP & PicMonkey

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest




I found this cute hair for just L$1 on the Marketplace and decided to put together a happy & colourful outfit to go with it. I really like the way it turned out, hope you do, too! ❀

Hair: ‘Haru Haru Super Pink Hair‘ – Aria Ibor (Marketplace) – L$1 – Dollarbie
Skin: ‘Petal [Light] Party Girl-Potion 1‘ – Curio – L$0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
Eyes: β€˜Deep Sky Eyes – London Fogβ€˜ (4 levels of whites) – Mayfly – L$0 – Free Colour
Eye Makeup: ‘Blossom Shadow (Rose)‘ – elymodeL$0 – Freebie
Lipstick: β€˜Pastel in Bubblegumβ€˜ – UtopiaH – L$99 – 5 colours included
Necklace: ‘Sugar Skulls Necklace‘ – Blow-UpL$100
Top 1: ‘Silk Choli (Nutmeg)‘ – BoHo HoBoL$45
Top 2: ‘Silk Cami (Nutmeg)‘ –Β BoHo HoBoL$45
Bangles: ‘Nature Silver Bangle‘ – Persefona (Marketplace) – L$0 – Freebie
Skirt: ‘Mini Wrap Sari (Green)‘ –Β BoHo HoBoL$55
Shoes: ‘My Fancy Flat Shoes (Pointed Cat/Orange)‘ – monsoL$75 – Gatcha
Shape: β€˜Keriβ€˜ (modded) – Panda Punx – L$0– Past Group Gift [Free to Join]

Golden Oriole Sparrow‘ prop and pose by Schadenfreude (L$300 for set)
Location: Fotoscope (woodland)


The Octopus’s Garden


Yes I’ve been back to Collabor88.. no, it probably won’t be the last time – it seriously has to be my favourite event – dress and bag by The Sea Hole are to die for! :0)

Also, these funky glasses are an awesome new release from Kre-ations – there are 12 colours included all for just L$80

Hair: ‘Lia (Olive)‘ – LollipopzL$0 – Past Freebie
Skin: ‘Iriel (Barley, Sage)‘ – Dulce SecretsL$55 – Fifty5 Thursday*
Eyes: β€˜Deep Sky Eyes – London Fogβ€˜ (4 levels of whites) – Mayfly – L$0 – Free Colour
Glasses: ‘Look at Me Glasses (Limey [W])‘ – Kre-ationsL$80 – includes 12 versions – NEW!*
Lipstick: ‘Pastel in Apple‘ – UtopiaHL$99 – 5 colours included
Necklace: ‘Cthulhu Necklace‘ – LasakiL$50 – Not currently available
Dress: ‘Tentacle Dress (Acid Lake)‘ (mesh) – The Sea Hole (@Collabor88) – L$88
Nails: ‘Nasi Goreng (Green)‘ – pulcinoL$56 – 7 colours included
Bag: ‘Tentacle Handbag‘ – The Sea Hole (@Collabor88) – L$48
Shoes: ‘Cygnette Heels‘ (mesh, colour-change) – SchadenfreudeL$2000 – Uberpack (smaller packs available)
Shape: β€˜Keriβ€˜ (modded) – Panda Punx – L$0– Past Group Gift [Free to Join]

β€˜Closeup-3β€˜ pose byΒ Glitterati [VIP Group Gift, L$500 to Join]
Location: Aquatics

(*Review copies gratefully received! <3)


I’m in a Rosy Mood

217_001More goodness from Collabor88 in the form of these yummy mesh boots by Schadenfreude. I’m also showing a totally adorable dress by Rosy Mood .. hope you enjoy! ❀

Hair: ‘Myrtle Updo (Light Blonde)‘ – Pocket MirrorsΒ  – L$1 – Dollarbie (3-colour pack)
Skin: β€˜Dorothy (04, Burly)β€˜ – My Ugly Dorothy – L$999 – NEW!*
Eyes: β€˜Deep Sky Eyes – London Fogβ€˜ (4 levels of whites) – Mayfly – L$0 – Free Colour
Dress: ‘Satin Jumper Dress (Green)‘ – Rosy MoodL$160
Boots: ‘Leith Boots (Ash)‘ (mesh) – Schadenfreude (@Collabor88) – L$188NEW!
Shape: β€˜Keriβ€˜ (modded) – Panda Punx – L$0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Pose Me VI‘ pose by HopScotch (Advent Calendar 1, L$1)

(*Review copy gratefully received! <3)

All About Eve

211_001Eve‘ is a beautiful new mesh cocktail dress fromΒ Shabby Cat – the textures are velvet and satin, and it comes in 7 beautiful shades. I really love this release: so tastefully elegant! ❀

Hair: ‘Grace Updo (Brick)‘ – Pocket MirrorsL$200 – Reds Pack
Skin: ‘Josette‘ –Β Mother Goose’sL$1 – Dollarbie
Eyes: β€˜Deep Sky Eyes – London Fogβ€˜ (4 levels of whites) – Mayfly – L$0 – Free Colour
Lashes: ‘Corner Only Lashes‘ – Rosy MoodL$0 – Freebie
Necklace: ‘Celebration Choker‘ – WTG – L$0 – Past Group Gift [L$100 to Join]
Dress: ‘Eve Cocktail Dress (Silver)‘ (mesh) – Shabby CatL$199NEW!*
Gloves: β€˜Paris (Black/Silver)β€˜ –Β Bliensen + MaiTai – L$199 (also includes silver gloves)
Ring: β€˜Cameoβ€˜ – Scrub – L$0 – Past Hunt Prize
Shoes: β€˜Cygnetteβ€˜ (colour-change) –Β Schadenfreude – L$625 – Greyscale Pack
Shape: β€˜Keriβ€˜ (modded) – Panda Punx – L$0– Past Group Gift (No longer available)

Drama Queen 1‘ pose by HopScotch (Advent Calendar 9, L$1)

(*Review copy gratefully received <3)


Autumn Leaves

I couldn’t resist showing you more from Collabor88 – I really am in love with this round! These boots from Schadenfreude are simply amazing! They are available in separates, too but I wanted all the options the fatpack hud gives – so many options to customise! The boots are rigged mesh but come in many sizes for both men and women – I’m wearing Medium and I didn’t have to alter my avi at all!

A new round of Perfect Wardrobe is also just starting and these fab poses with props are just a snip at L$90 from Focus Poses – 10 poses in all!

Finally, I’m sure you’ll have seen November’s free skin fromΒ Rozena on many other blogs but I had to show it too as it is so yummy, grab it while you can! ❀

Hair: ‘Bound (Punch)‘ (colour-change belts) – Analog DogL$275 – Dark Reds Pack
Skin: ‘Coco (Natural)‘ – RozenaL$0 – Freebie
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light Eyes (Sea Green Shadow)‘ – MayflyL$0 – Group Gift
Dress: ‘Seiko Layer Dress (Slate)‘ (mesh) – ISON – (@Collabor88) – L$88NEW!
Necklace: ‘Autumn’s Frozen Soul‘ – LEO-NTL$0 – VIP Group Gift [L$80 to Join] – NEW!
Boots: ‘Painted Desert Amargosa Boots‘ (mesh) – Schadenfreude (@Collabor88) – L$499 – Fatpack – NEW!
Shape: β€˜Keriβ€˜ (modded) – Panda Punx – L$0– Past Group Gift (No longer available)

Autumn Leaves‘ poses and props by Focus Poses (@Perfect Wardrobe, L$90) – NEW!*

*Review copy gratefully received ❀


Some things, when I see them, make me absolutely shriek with delight: this ‘Applause‘ necklace byΒ MiaSnow is one such thing! It’s fab and lights up and when you touch it makes the sound of a slow, single clap.. and.. and.. I love it!
A lot. ❀Hair: ‘Circus Hair (Lolo)‘ –Β SchadenfreudeL$0 – VIP Group Gift [L$250 to Join]
Skin: ‘OlegDouValentine‘ –Β JeSyLiLOL$0 – VIP Group Gift [L$50 to Join]
Eyes: β€˜Glass Eyes (Charcoal)β€˜ –Β Roly-Poly – L$0 – Free Colour
Makeup: ‘After Show Face‘ – ODBL$0 – Past Hunt Prize (no longer available)
Necklace: ‘Applause Sign‘ – MiaSnowL$195NEW!
Outfit (inc. Hat): ‘Tarot Carnival Dollie‘ – Lvs & Co. (Marketplace) – L$99
Nails: ‘Red Dark Glossy‘ – MiaSnowL$0 – Free/Demo Colour (no longer available)
Shoes: ‘Cygnette‘ (colour-change) –Β SchadenfreudeL$625 (Browns Pack)
Shape: β€˜Keriβ€˜ (modded) – Panda Punx – L$0 – Group Gift [L$50 to Join]

Play 02‘ pose (pic 1) by amato (past hunt prize/no longer available)
Carnival 7‘ pose by Focus Poses (L$100, pack of 9 with balloon)
Grunge Circus‘ texture by WheelOfFish